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Our Vision

Our vision includes being a model of social entrepreneurship and development for advanced research and education in global health. 


We are focused in low and middle income countries,   building capacity for emergency and trauma care, including alternatives for education and management of emergencies and disasters at pre-hospital and in-hospital level. 

Our Mission

To provide health education and research using innovative technologies, supported by specialized trainers, based in scientific evidence with a global health focus.


Emergency Care and Global Health

"Over the past decade limited advocacy from health-delivery fields has led to an agenda that emphasizes prevention while giving inadequate attention to strengthening health care. Though prevention is essential, acute care specialties that provide frontline treatment for sudden or unexpected illness or injury, like emergency medicine, trauma surgery, neurosurgery and many others,  need to take immediate and sustained action to highlight the importance of the services they provide.


Aligning key players to support developing countries in planning and building capacity for the best mix of acute and preventive services is an urgent priority with the potential to save and improve millions of lives..."

Some of Our Collaborators

Andres M. Rubiano

M.D.  /  PhD (c)

Dr. Rubiano is the Medical Director at MEDITECH. He is Neurosurgeon and Critical Care physician. He have been invited as WHO consultant for Trauma care since 2006...

Juan C. Puyana


Dr. Puyana is a trauma and critical care surgeon. Assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He have been devoted to improve global health care in Latin America...

Nancy Carney

B.A. / PhD

Dr. Carney is an expert researcher in the field of neurotrauma and acute brain injury. She have been a leader in the development of TBI guidelines in North America...

M. Ross Bullock

M. D. /  PhD

Dr Bullock is the Clinical Director of neurotrauma at the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. He is a wolrd expert on clinical research in neurotrauma...

P. David Adelson

M.D. / F-CNS 

Dr. Adelson is the Director of the Barrow Neurological Institute at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. He is an international expert in pediatric brain injury...

Charles N. Mock

M.D. / PhD /  FACS

Dr Mock is a trauma surgeon and professor of epidemiology and global health at the University of washington in Seattle. He have been devoted to public policy development to improve trauma care globally...

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