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"Emergency care is part of a discursive regime of immense social importance in which those who live and die are measured. The political weight of medical sciences, interacts over the debate about health care provision in any society..."


"This debate, with symbolic significance for any caring society, have political relevance and huge economic implications for the members and administrators of the society..."                            

"Health education and research are fundamental elements to build appropriate well-being and social development in societies..."

Dr. Andres Rubiano, MEDITECH Medical Director is a Making More Health Fellow. MMH program information is available at:


Medical Education

This educational process  is designed to helps those 

in the health care field to maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field.


Content for these programs is developed, reviewed, and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas.

Health Care Research & Capacity Building

Research on healthcare in developing countries is of both theoretical and practical relevance.


It analyzes concepts of origin and management of illness, provides insights into people's use of health services available and finally it contributes to build appropriate infrastructure for management of health care in particular settings like austere environments.


Social entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing suitable solutions to social problems.


More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value.


They pursue opportunities to serve this mission, while continuously adapting and learning.

& Resources
Strenghtening Neurotrauma Care in Low Income Countries


A review article about strategies to promote improvement in health care for neurotrauma in low and middle income settings.

Trauma Care Training for Police Nurses in Rural Environments

​​Research article, describing the impact of a trauma training program for Colombian Police Nurses who face injuries related to drug war in rural settings.



Review article incluidng an open wide discussion regarding the impact of injuries at global level.

Education for ​Injuries Care


You tube video, regarding the educational and social projects of Dr Rubiano and MEDITECH.

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