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Educational Projects

One os our objectives is to develop capacity through educational projects at community level and also at prehospital and in hospital care level. We have been working with medical associations, universities and government agencies at national and international level in order to stablish CME for the improvement of outcome on injuries patients.

Prehospital Care Program


Since 1999, our educators have been involved in prehospital care training for different environments, including areas with resources and austere environments.  This program have been implemented for lay rescuers and first responders of entities like the Red Cross, Civil Protection and Volunteer Firefighters Squads.

International Global
Neurotrauma Fellowship​ 

In 2013, MEDITECH in agreement with the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital develop the first global international fellowship for neurotrauma care, focused on health care and research in low and middle income countries. 


In 2018 the University of Cambridge enter into the project through the NIHR Global Health Neurotrauma Research Consortium.


​MEDTAC Program


The MEDTAC program was stablished in 2005 in order to provide appropriate trauma care training for nurses of the antinarcotics branch of the Colombian Police.  Several land mine injuries and blast injuries are regularly seen by these nurses, especially during anti-drugs operations in the Colombian jungle.


Critical Care Certificate

The CCC is an educational project launched in 2009 with the aim of train specialist and general physicians, incluidng nurses and therapists that works in critical care areas without formal training.  


This project have been builded with the support of the Global Health Office of the Department of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  


It is a 120 hours training program including basic and advanced concepts of critical care trying to enhance patient safety and quality of care in austere environemts with ICU facilities.


​International Trauma Care Rotation


The ITCR starts on June 2005, with the participation of  3 United Kingdom medical students in a summer rotation to learn basic and advanced principles of trauma care in low and middle income settings.  The experince was very motivating and actually more than 20 foreign medical students, including interns and medical residents have been part of the training rotation. 


Since 2012 an additional international trauma research rotation have been added to the ITCR, empowering medical students with the aim of developing global health projects focused on trauma care in low and middle income countries.  


The important of the analysis of trauma not just like a biological disease but also as a social disease is fundamental in order to understand the complexity of the management, including prevention, acute medical and surgical care and rehabilitation at physical and social level.


Articles & Resources


Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological, Phenomenological Model

During the course conventional ways of thinking will be challenged, new ways of thinking will emerge naturally, and you will find yourself naturally acting to create even greater success in the areas of life and leadership that matter most.


Dates: November 13th,14th,17th,18th and 19th. On the 16th, there is no curse.

Times: 09:00 to approximately 18:00 Each Day

Sessions and Breaks: There will be two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions, with short breaks during each session, and a longer break for lunch mid-day.

Location: Hotel Obelisco Av. Colombia #4 Oeste – 49ali, Colombia.

Attire: Casual, comfortable business attire.

For more information please write to

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